Homework 11-15-17

What is a protocol?A well known set of rules and standards used to communicate between machines What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?A way for computers to send and recieve information to specified devicesHow is it organized hierarchically?8 bits for each part of its address, country of network, region of network, sub network and address How many bits are in an IPv4 address?32 bitsHow many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?  Up to 4 billion unique addressesWhat is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4.  128 bits per address vs 32 bitsWhy do we need IPv6?Because there are so many devices, the addresses could run out, this way there's enough for every piece of grain of sand on earth to have an IP addressWhat is an IP packet?It contains both a segment of data to be transferred and the address where the data is to be sent.What is the difference between an IP address and an IP Packet?The IP Address is the specific location of the device, an IP packet transfers the data to whe…

Explore task Oct23- Oct 27

Article 1: This article covers how Accuweather services, which is an app, can use ones location to sell anonymous information about the user to add companies as well as other companies trying to invest in information about a user. Although this may not be illegal, this infringes on peoples right. This app asks the user to allow the app to access the users location and if you click allow, the app now can use your information to create a profit for themselves. 

Article 2: The University of Washington and some other concerned individuals have recently come across some concerns regarding advertisements on mobile devices. Add companies have made it so someone looking to stalk another person, would be able to access your information, for as low as $1,000. Research has shown that these advertisement companies can track a person up to 8 meters away, and show where an individual has been within a short period of time after. This is raising concerns because even if a mobile device user doesn'…

Microchip In Humans

One positive potential for micro-chipping humans is that people/employees no longer need to swipe a card or enter a code to get into a building. Another positive potential is that the microchip can give off data that allows a person to log onto a computer with out having to type anything. 
Another positive potential is that the microchip can pay for ones food without having to swipe anything, while having this chip injected into them.

One concern is that there are invasive ways to track the length of employees’ bathroom breaks,  and lunch breaks without their consent or knowledge. Another concern is that the microchip may move from where it is planted originally, to another place in ones body. Another concern is if the chip is injected into your body, will you own the data that the chip possesses or does the company own all of your information and privacy?

My thoughts and predictions on this new type of technology is it will fail. This is because there are more potential with the negati…


Given a pile of pens, find and discard the ones that do not write any more.

1. pick up a pen
2. write with it
3. if pen works
4.        save it
5. else
6.       discard it

Radar Technology

Radar A type of technology that is used everyday by Police, Fisherman, Airport Security, and many more people is called radar. Radar is a technology that measures parameters. Radar is an acronym for RAdio Detecting And Ranging. The name shows that radar is used to detect the presence of  an object and determine its range, distance and bearing, using radio frequency waves. Somebody uses Radar by using something that generates radio waves, something to send out the waves, something to receive the waves, and something to display the information so the operator can understand it. Radio waves are produced by a magnetron. Then an antenna working as a transmitter pushes the waves out into space. These waves travel until they hit something, then they travel back. The antenna then receives these waves, and directs them into a piece of electronic equipment that processes and displays them in a form on a television-like screen, watched all the time by a human operator Radars performance is affected…